More than half of your employees are grieving

Lantern acts as your comprehensive bereavement response to equitably support your employees' experience and reduce risk.

From crafting a strong bereavement policy and providing tailored training on navigating workplace grief, to providing life planning tools and concierge services to employees experiencing loss — Lantern has got your back.

It's a critical time to integrate Lantern as a benefit.

Navigate Workplace Grief.

57% of Americans are grieving a recent loss, with 88% having emotional symptoms of grief, and 68% with physical symptoms of grief.

Reduce Absenteeism + Presenteeism.

30 work days are lost each year by each employee experiencing grief, with 20% to continue losing workdays for over a year.

Build a Strong Culture.

58% of those grieving felt expected to recover within the first 3 months after a loss, and most (91%) felt expected to move on within 1 year.

Support the Bottom Line.

85% of management-level decision makers indicated that decision-making ranked from "very poor" to "fair" following a grief incident.

Invest Meaningfully in DEI.

Black and Native American death rates due to COVID-19 and traumatic deaths are disproportionately high — about twice as high as white Americans.

Support Parents + Caregivers.

75% of Americans face some sort of caregiving responsibility, with 83% using sick or leave time to provide care.

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Employer Benefit

We'll give you the right tools to talk about death at work.

  • Navigating Workplace Grief Workshop. We’ll tailor a Workshop for HR + People Operations to create a framework for navigating workplace grief and strengthening workplace culture.

  • Bereavement Policy Evaluation + Recommendation. We’ll work with you to evaluate or craft your Bereavement Leave Policy to ensure it is comprehensive and inclusive.

  • On-Call Bereavement Response Concierge Service. We’ll be available to guide you through grief or loss related scenarios as they arise, and help you through them step-by-step, connecting you with situation-specific experts if needed.

Employee Benefit

We'll proactively support employees in the ways they want to be supported.

  • After-Loss Concierge Service for Employees Experiencing Loss. We’ll work with any bereaved employee to take the logistical and tactical after-loss planning pieces off of their plate.

  • Digital End-of-Life Planning Platform. We’ll provide employees with our step-by-step , interactive end-of-life planning platform for pre-planning and after-loss planning.

  • Bereavement / Caregiving Needs Assessment + Report. We’ll assess your employees' bereavement and caregiving needs to inform your benefits strategy.

Additional Resources

We'll continue to support you through best-in-class tools and resources.

  • Recommended End-of-Life Services

  • Sympathy Gift Shop Access

  • End-of-Life Articles + Resources

  • Account Manager


Here for them as humans

We brought Lantern to fill an important benefits need. By providing Lantern, we are showing employees that we're here for them as human beings and we're invested in their overall well-being.

CEO, Experience Camps

An incredible partner

We believe the conversation around death and grief needs to be better supported. Lantern has been an incredible partner in offering solutions that address the needs within our organizations.

Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp

This is a simple and straightforward source

This is a simple and straightforward source. My wife unexpectedly passed and I have been overwhelmed until I found this. There are other services advertised but you get inundated with pushy sales calls and emails, but not here. Thank you.

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