Planning Ahead

Whether you're planning for yourself 50 years in the future, or for someone else with a more imminent need, a Lantern pre-plan covers all of your bases. You'll have peace of mind that you’ve done the responsible thing and the ones you leave behind will be cared for.

What is a Pre-Plan?

A pre-plan is a place to house your wishes and documents relating to end-of-life; a collection of what you'd like to happen in your absence.

At Lantern, we’ve created an online hub that guides you through the most pressing things to consider in order to leave a clear roadmap for your loved ones.

Why Make a Pre-Plan?

Provide Clarity For Your Family

Leaving loved ones with answers, rather than questions, is an act of love. The more information that is organized and prepared before passing, the easier it is for the people you leave behind to manage the grieving process.

Keep Your Legacy Alive

There's more to an end-of-life plan than legal documents and instructions. With simple prompts, you can reflect on your past and present so that your history and values live on for years to come.

Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

End-of-life planning is the best way to ensure that your voice is heard. You're effectively creating a clear roadmap for others to follow.

Plan Your Own Remembrance

If you have favorite songs, foods, etc. you wish to be presented at your funeral, putting those wishes in writing is the best way to ensure those plans get respected. Ensure that how you’re memorialized represents who you are and what you love.

Plan for Yourself, or For Someone Else

You can fill out the Pre-Plan with your own answers, making sure you leave your loved ones with more answers than questions.

Or, you can use the questions from the Pre-Plan as a script to help plan on behalf of someone else. You can store their answers in their Pre-Plan to refer back to when you or their loved ones need it most.

Pre-Planning With Lantern
Make Your Wishes Legal

A Lantern Pre-Plan gives you access to resources for making your wishes valid under the law.

Even without an account, you can access end-of-life healthcare documents through Lantern's directory of Advance Directive Forms by State -- all for free!

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What People Say About Us

Thorough and clearly organized

Once I saw how thorough and clearly organized your pre-planning checklist was, I was hooked on working through the Lantern process!


So low angst

Pre-planning is so low angst with your website.


Helpful for everyone else that remains alive

It's amazing how many questions would go unanswered and how challenging it would be to get affairs in order in our modern world. Lantern helps to reduce the burden.

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What Else Does Lantern Offer?

Lantern provides a full range of support for end-of-life. In addition to helping you or a loved one plan ahead, Lantern also provides services to help people through the logistics of managing a loss.