Grief is not one-size-fits-all.

You genuinely care about your customers, patients, and policyholders. Now, you can strengthen your relationships with them by helping them navigate end-of-life planning with pre-planning and after-loss planning tools and concierge services that act as both a value-add service and engagement lever — Lantern for Business.

It's a critical time to integrate Lantern into your offering.

Differentiate Products.

Lantern enables you to expand your core offerings to include life planning and after-loss services — ultimately diversifying your product and audience.

Strengthen Relationships.

Lantern provides an opportunity to engage with your clients' and their families in a more personal way, improving their experience with you.

Collaborate Meaningfully.

Lantern creates opportunities for financial professionals and advisors to work alongside their customers in-platform, providing a meaningful hand to hold.

Integrate Seamlessly.

Lantern knows integration is proven to increase product engagement, and mitigates any anticipated tension in implementation and integration.

Maximize Retention.

Lantern’s step-by-step tools and resources facilitate education around end-of-life planning and provide an engaging experience, maximizing retention.

Reduce Costs.

Lantern provides support around developing documentation proven to save your customers money, time, and stress — like advanced care directives.

Add Lantern to your offering to share access to critical life planning benefits.

Lantern for Financial Professionals

Using Lantern as a Sales Tool

Educate and equip your client-facing staff with a tool to facilitate a more consultative and marketable approach by infusing end-of-life planning into their pitch process.

  • End-of-Life Training Webinar
  • Introducing End-of-Life Script
  • Lantern Informational Brochure
  • FAQ + Additional Resources

Lantern for Your Clients

Using Lantern as a Retention Tool

Strengthen your service and retention tool to ultimately provide the best experience by introducing a lever that meaningfully involves the families of your customers.

  • Lifetime Lantern Access
  • End-of-Life Planning Tool
  • After-Loss Planning Tool
  • After-Loss Concierge Service

Lantern for Your Brand

Using Lantern to Differentiate Your Offering

Substantially differentiate your offering and narrative by integrating an end-of-life solution and concierge service into your toolkits.

  • Promotional Digital Brand Assets
  • Custom Integration Capabilities
  • Expert End-of-Life Resources
  • Account Manager


An incredible partner

We believe the conversation around death and grief needs to be better supported. Lantern has been an incredible partner in offering solutions that address the needs within our organizations.

Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp

This is a simple and straightforward source

This is a simple and straightforward source. My wife unexpectedly passed and I have been overwhelmed until I found this. There are other services advertised but you get inundated with pushy sales calls and emails, but not here. Thank you.


Helpful for everyone else that remains alive

It's amazing how many questions would go unanswered and how challenging it would be to get affairs in order in our modern world. Lantern helps to reduce the burden.

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Let’s explore integrating Lantern into your offering.