Managing a Death With 1-on-1 Support

In the wake of losing someone, between managing the logistics and your own grief, figuring out what comes next can feel completely overwhelming. Our Lantern Guides are here to help you, one step at a time.

What is a Lantern Guide?

A Lantern Guide is a real human who acts as your concierge. You and your Guide will have a free 30-minute conversation so that they can better understand your needs. Then, they'll connect you directly with providers who best serve your specific needs. We've got After Loss Consultants, Grief Counselors, Funeral Planners, and more just waiting to take things off of your plate.

What Can a Lantern Guide Help Me With?

Building Your Team

Your Guide can help you build the right team of professionals around you, sourcing people like attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, estate sale companies, and downsizing services


A Guide can take the lead on planning virtual and/or in-person memorial services, notifying all the right people and making sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Outreach + Account Closures

If you wish, your Guide can cancel any unneeded subscriptions, bills, and social media accounts on your behalf.

Legal + Benefits

A Guide can help you navigate probate requirements and processes and assist with any paperwork needed for receiving benefits.

Grief Support

A Guide can help you find the right provider to support you in your grief journey. They'll navigate in-and out-of network options and make sure you're getting the care you need.

And Everything In Between

From managing the estate (taking inventory, preparing a home for sale, coordinating appraisals), to sourcing grief counselors, a Guide can perform any tasks that you just don't have the capacity for.

How It Works

Computer on account creation page, person holding a key to show security.

Step 1

Create a Lantern account. You'll get a portal to reach your Guide, as well as an interactive checklist to support you through the process.

Person sitting at desk with a computer.

Step 2

Request a consultation with your Guide. (It's free!)

Person helping another person on the side of a cliff with an outreached hand.

Step 3

Your Guide will learn about your situation and get you set up with the support you need.


“I recently experienced a death in my family and was completely overwhelmed by the unexpected logistical tasks that followed. I reached out to a Lantern Guide and I’m so grateful that they connected me with my After Loss Consultant, Rachel. With the help of Lantern and Rachel, I was able to understand the road ahead, save money, and more importantly I was able to hand off numerous tasks, creating the space I needed to spend time with my family and my grief.”

What If I Want To Do It Myself?

We've got you there, too. If the Lantern Guide isn't quite right for you, you always have the option to work through the planning process yourself. The interactive checklist guides you through a list of tasks to complete as you manage the affairs of someone who has passed. We've broken that list down by timeframe, so you know what needs your attention and what can wait. We also include key tasks to support you as you navigate your grief.


What People Say About Us

It feels like a relief

This is the best idea I had never thought of nor knew I needed. But now that I know this is out there, it feels like a relief.


Bringing my mom so much comfort.

The Lantern checklist is bringing my mom so much comfort. She feels so validated checking things off.


This is a simple and straightforward source

This is a simple and straightforward source. My wife unexpectedly passed and I have been overwhelmed until I found this. There are other services advertised but you get inundated with pushy sales calls and emails, but not here. Thank you.


What Comes With an Account?

After-Loss Checklist

Standard Membership


Week-by-Week Guidance

750 MB Storage

Collaborate with Others

1-on-1 Support

Lantern Guide Service

By Consult

Professional Concierge

30-Minute Consult

Answer All Your Questions

Get the Support You Need

Start by creating a free Lantern account. Even if you're not ready to work with your Guide, you can still take advantage of our free step-by-step checklist. Once you've registered, you can request a consult at any time.

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What Else Does Lantern Offer?

Lantern provides a full range of support for end-of-life. In addition to helping people through the logistics of managing a loss, Lantern also provides services to help you plan ahead, whether for yourself or a loved one.