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Whether you're proactively planning your end-of-life wishes or navigating what to do after experiencing a loss, Lantern will help light the way.

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Why Lantern?

End-of-life planning has always been overwhelming, expensive, and mostly offline. That’s why we created Lantern. We provide digital step-by-step guidance on navigating life before and after a death. Whether you’re pre-planning for yourself or managing the logistics for someone else, we’re here for you.

How Lantern Can Support You

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You're Planning Ahead for Yourself

Lantern provides a fully-guided Pre-Plan that walks you step-by-step through the key things to consider to leave behind more questions than answers.

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You're Planning Ahead on Behalf of Someone Else

Lantern provides a fully-guided Pre-Plan that can be used as a script to gather the necessary information from your loved one.

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You're Managing the Logistics After a Loss

Lantern provides 1-on-1 human support to help you navigate your specific circumstances, along with an interactive checklist to help you stay organized as you manage affairs.

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I Already Have Life Insurance and a Will, Why Make a Pre-Plan?

Provide Clarity For Your Family

Leaving loved ones with answers, rather than questions, is an act of love. The more information that is organized and prepared before passing, the easier it is for the people you leave behind to manage the grieving process.

Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

End-of-life planning is the best way to ensure that your voice is heard. You're effectively creating a clear roadmap for others to follow.

Keep Your Legacy Alive

There's more to an end-of-life plan than legal documents and instructions. With simple prompts, you can reflect on your past and present so that your history and values live on for years to come.

Plan Your Own Remembrance

If you have favorite songs, foods, etc. you wish to be presented at your funeral, putting those wishes in writing is the best way to ensure those plans get respected. Ensure that how you’re memorialized represents who you are and what you love.

Planning Ahead with Lantern
Managing a Loss with Lantern

What People Say About Us

This is so much easier than my binder

I’m actually crying looking at the site. This is so much easier than my binder. Thank you for creating such a beautiful resource.


Bringing my mom so much comfort.

The Lantern checklist is bringing my mom so much comfort. She feels so validated checking things off.


It feels like a relief

This is the best idea I had never thought of nor knew I needed. But now that I know this is out there, it feels like a relief.

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