Advance Directives for Arkansas

An Advance Directive is a set of legal documents that let your care team know what kind of medical decisions to make on your behalf if you're not able to communicate for yourself. This way, in the event of a medical emergency, your wishes will still be honored. Scroll down to access all of the forms you need!

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What forms does Arkansas include?

Healthcare Proxy

This document, often called the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, lets you designate someone else to make medical decisions for you in case you're unable to make those decisions yourself.

Living Will

A Living Will can go by many names (Directive, Treatment Preferences, Advanced Care Plan, etc), but its purpose is always the same: to ensure that your medical wishes are documented in case you're unable to voice them yourself. A Healthcare Proxy will use your Living Will to make decisions.

HIPAA Release

Signing a HIPAA Release ensures that your Healthcare Proxy will have access to the medical information needed to make up-to-date decisions about your care.


Short for Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment or Portable Medical Order, this form is only relevant for people for whom end-of-life is imminent. It is a physician’s order that outlines a plan for end-of-life care that reflects both your preferences and the doctor's judgment based on medical evaluation.

Where can I find the forms I need?

Healthcare Proxy and Living Will
The Arkansas Department of Health provides PDFs of Advance Health Care Directive forms on their website, linked below. Note that the terminology they use for a Healthcare Proxy is a "Health Care Agent", and they refer to the Living Will as the "Advance Care Plan". The form has an option to be signed by two witnesses and notarized.
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HIPPA Release
Prepare a HIPPA release form in order to allow your family to get access to the health information they need in case of an emergency. The HIPPA Journal provides an easy and convenient way to get the forms you need.
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POLST (Portable Medical Orders)
Prepare a Portable Medical Order (POLST) form if you are nearing end-of-life and want to create a formal document accepted in medical settings. The National POLST organization provides detailed information about the POLST process and gives you access to the forms you need to make your wishes official.
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What do I do with my forms?
After completing your forms, make sure to store them in a safe place where your family can access them in case of a medical emergency. You may also upload a digital copy to your Lantern end-of-life plan so your family has easy access to it from anywhere, whenever they need it.
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Looking for another state? See our directory of Advance Care Directives by State

Plan for more than just healthcare

An Advance Care Directive is a great place to start your end-of-life plans, but don't stop there! Create a full pre-plan (one that includes an Advanced Care Directive) to leave loved ones with answers, rather than questions. A pre-plan is a collection of what you'd like to happen in your absence across all facets of your life.

At Lantern, we’ve created an online hub that guides you through what you need to consider so you can leave a clear roadmap for your loved ones when they need it most.